The Kittens Are Born!!

The news I’ve been dying to hear- the naked kittens have been born!!

The kittens and mama!

They were born June 1st. In about 2 weeks, we get to pick our little kittens, as the color will have set in a little more by then. Anni (my amazing twin) gets to pick first, but then we get to pick second!



Ian and I have bandied about names we prefer. Based on the parents’ coloring, there will be lilacs, blues and blacks! I’ve narrowed down names/color combinations to make it easier for us:

  • if we get a lilac/lavender male, his name will be Elrond
  • if it’s a black or blue boy, his name will be Merlin
  • any girl, regardless of color, will be Minerva (Min for short).



Here are some examples of the colors we’re expecting.





Ian and I lean a little more towards the darker colors…but we’ll see which one we’ll pick!


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