Toys and Velvet Wrinkles 

I’m here at my sister’s wonderful Seattle apartment. There’s a cat tree in the corner, ivory to perfectly match the couches. Feathered toys lie on the floor within reach. I can spy a pink stroller in a different corner by the kitty window-seat.

Even the cat stroller matches the room

“When my friends come over they’ll think I’m crazy,” Anni says. That may be true, but we both think it’s worth it!

A tunnel + boxlike thing and a “multilaser” toy

And now, there’s two new additions to the collection- a small tan tunnel/boxlike structure on the floor, and a little laser toy. ​

​I’m such an enabler; Anni should know better than to take me to pet shops! Luckily, Luna took to both toys like butter takes to toast.

Wait a minute, the tunnel is interfering with my hearing…there, all better.

After playing, I reclined on a sofa. After a minute Luna meowed, came over, and curled up on my (warm) lap. I love this breed, they’re exceptionally cuddly.

Can a picture capture the softness of such skin?

I was struck by her velvety skin and wrinkles. What a marvelous cat.


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