Merlin’s Kinked Tail Adventure

We are hoping everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ian and I travelled to his parents’ this year, leaving our precious kittens behind for a few days.

About two days after we got back, we noticed a large lump on Merlin’s tail. Looking closer, we realized the lump was hard and was probably either bone or some sort of hard abscess. Then, on Tuesday morning, he wouldn’t eat his food (an obvious sign something is wrong).

Ian took time off of work to take him to the vet last night. He got his first x-ray. It turns out that Merlin kinked his tail! The lump is swelling from compression in his tail spine.

Poor guy!

Now he is on pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, and some digestion pills to help some diarrhea that’s come along.

He has been eating a little more, so that’s good. The hope is that the tail will heal on its own this week and surgery will be avoided.

Tansy watched over our little invalid while he slept after his vet visit.

So for now, Merlin will be getting lots of medication and assigned to bed rest! Which he does most of the time anyway. Silly little guy.


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