The Cat Palace

The kitties get a long-awaited cat tree!

It wasn’t even built and already it’s getting good reviews.

And yes, as you may have noticed, it is a BLUE cat tree. Blue!! It matches our decor! Not the standard beige. I’m not sure who’s happier, the cats or me.

The finished product. It stands about 6 feet tall.

Now, for some photos of the lovely kittens enjoying their new palace.

Queen of the Castle, indeed.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cat treeeee”

Tansy intensely enjoys the tree.

The mice have lasted a surprisingly long time. Resilient, furry little things… aren’t the faces adorable?

“Do you like your new tree, Merlin?”

“Yes I do, Mom, very much!”

Well, I think the tree is possibly better than anything we could have made ourselves.

I’d say we’re all happy with it!


Merlin & Tansy: the Yin and Yang of the Cat World

Hello everyone! Merlin and Tansy have been doing just fine.

They still tousle pretty rough sometimes (I find little scratches on Merlin every now and then), but I believe now it’s just a normal part of the cat hierarchy.

I know Tansy loves Merlin. We have proof. The other day, while washing Merlin in the guest bathroom with the door shut, he meowed quite loudly in protest.

Tansy came running to the door, scratching and meowing like crazy! I opened the door and she slinked in, jumping up on the sink counter. Discovering that we were not hurting her little brother, Tansy sauntered away, cool as a cat can be. So Tansy’s cool demeanor is only a front; she’s fiercely protective of her little Merlin.

Who wouldn’t love this lil’ goof??

Merlin, meanwhile, had his last 2 vaccines at the vet yesterday. He also had fun with the scale, and has gained almost a full pound since last visit! He’s up to 4 lbs 9 oz. In fear I asked the tech, “Is he overweight?” She checked along his spine and pinched his skin, determining that no, he is not overweight (despite our best efforts).

WOW! He’s catching up to Tansy rather quickly. It will be interesting to see what happens when they are the same size.

The vet tech was once again impressed with his beautiful coloring and personality. Merlin is somewhat of a celebrity there!

At the end of the day, it looks like Ian and I are doing this kitten thing right. The cats (and I) love the litter I painstakingly researched. They are getting used to eating rehydrated raw pellets for meal times, which makes their poop less stinky and less runny. It also allows me to add more water to their diet! And Merlin and Tansy love the toys, the tunnel, the window seat, and the horizontal scratched.

We feel like accomplished cat parents! After all, we just what what’s best for our little babies.

Toys and Velvet Wrinkles 

I’m here at my sister’s wonderful Seattle apartment. There’s a cat tree in the corner, ivory to perfectly match the couches. Feathered toys lie on the floor within reach. I can spy a pink stroller in a different corner by the kitty window-seat.

Even the cat stroller matches the room

“When my friends come over they’ll think I’m crazy,” Anni says. That may be true, but we both think it’s worth it! Continue reading