The Cat Palace

The kitties get a long-awaited cat tree!

It wasn’t even built and already it’s getting good reviews.

And yes, as you may have noticed, it is a BLUE cat tree. Blue!! It matches our decor! Not the standard beige. I’m not sure who’s happier, the cats or me.

The finished product. It stands about 6 feet tall.

Now, for some photos of the lovely kittens enjoying their new palace.

Queen of the Castle, indeed.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cat treeeee”

Tansy intensely enjoys the tree.

The mice have lasted a surprisingly long time. Resilient, furry little things… aren’t the faces adorable?

“Do you like your new tree, Merlin?”

“Yes I do, Mom, very much!”

Well, I think the tree is possibly better than anything we could have made ourselves.

I’d say we’re all happy with it!


Stuff for Merlin: Sweater Edition!

It’s time to reveal my lists of cat sweaters I will choose from for Merlin. (I am in no way affiliated with the shops mentioned in this post). 

Sphynx Swag

So far my favorite store, due to their overwhelmingly awesome selection and cool sweater design. 

I’m especially in love with the maroon storm-patterned one (very wizard-esque) and of course I’ll need a plaid or two. The black and green or blue patterned shirt will have to wait until Merlin’s eye color sets in.

Sphynx Cat Wear 

Another fun shop, SCW has some good-quality, awesome basics.

I especially like the star turtleneck and the grey-and-colored ones (called “juicy fruit,” they come in 4 varieties).

Violet Cat Pet

An Etsy store based in Russia, what stands out to me about this shop is its amazing cat jumpsuit.

I mean, look at how fabulous those are!! Rain or shine, I could bring Merlin everywhere with me knowing he would be warm.

Seriously. So. Cute.
Posh Punk Sphynx

Last but not least, this shop boasts some pretty rockin’ designs, too. 

 Some of these designs are girly, but I love the darker star design and the Fairisle sweater.

In the end, I know I can’t go wrong. Merlin will be the best dressed gentleman out there!

Toys and Velvet Wrinkles 

I’m here at my sister’s wonderful Seattle apartment. There’s a cat tree in the corner, ivory to perfectly match the couches. Feathered toys lie on the floor within reach. I can spy a pink stroller in a different corner by the kitty window-seat.

Even the cat stroller matches the room

“When my friends come over they’ll think I’m crazy,” Anni says. That may be true, but we both think it’s worth it! Continue reading