Week 9 Photos

You guessed it! Our awesome breeder Melissa keeps sending pics our way!

I've been looking at these pics all day. Even at work. I honestly think it's good for my health. Lowers my heart rate.

I mean look at this guy!! He's growing so much! My guess is he'll be a big one… look at that long snout. It's only been a week since the last photos!


Oh my goodness, that belly!! He's going to be a little chubbers. I love it.

I love his striking aqua eyes.

And his mysterious skin color (what is it? Lilac? Lilac point? Sepia?) is so handsome. I can just imagine the velvety feel of those wrinkles.

Even my non-sphynx-loving-coworkers couldn't say a bad thing about him. Possibly due to the fact I was cooing over him and possibly getting teary-eyed. Whatever works. DON'T SAY MY BABY IS UGLY I WONT BELIEVE YOU.

In other news, our official Gotcha Day has been scheduled for September 22! So we still have about 2 months to go. That's ok. More time to get our ducks on a row before Merlin and Friend come home. But…it's getting harder to wait!!

We’ve picked our kitten!!!

Hi guys! FINALLY, the day has come; we got to pick out our little naked kitten last night!! 

There were two boys and two girls. All of them were so adorable, it was insanely tough to choose.

But eventually my husband and I narrowed it down to a boy, and then got to pick between a seal mink colored one or a lilac/chocolate one. Melissa (the awesome breeder) says it’s hard to tell colors with these “thermal” kittens, meaning that their color may/probably will change as they grow older. 

The decision basically just came down to me simply choosing, as neither Ian nor I truly care about color. 

Say Hello to mister Merlin, everyone!! 

OOO that face!! The wrinkles!!
Showing off all his best angles.

His take-home day (formally known as “gotcha day”) will be sometime in September, after he’s had plenty of time with his mom and siblings. He’s going to be insanely loved and spoiled. I’ve already started planning the sweaters we’ll buy him… stay tuned for that post next!