Moving Progress

Hey all! We are in the process of moving closer to Seattle. So far, we have moved all of our bigs things and most of our little stuff, too. Our things are here but not necessarily put away…yikes! 

However, our furniture is set up so I can share a pic of what the huge living room looks like! It’s plenty of space for our future Miss and Mister kitty to frolic through. 

The heart is where we’ll put the custom cat tree. I have it all planned out.

I’m trying not to buy cat stuff right now. It’s really, really tough. My and Petco shopping carts are like a mile long. 

Hubby was like, “Let’s wait to buy cat stuff till we need it.” He’s onto me, I’d say!  He knows my “buy now” finger is getting itchy.

Ok, ok, I’ll wait… a month. But soon this apartment will be primed and ready for kittens!! Merlin and Girl Kitty (we haven’t picked her name yet) will be extremely spoiled and there’s not much (read: nothing) Hubby can do to stop it.