The Cat Palace

The kitties get a long-awaited cat tree!

It wasn’t even built and already it’s getting good reviews.

And yes, as you may have noticed, it is a BLUE cat tree. Blue!! It matches our decor! Not the standard beige. I’m not sure who’s happier, the cats or me.

The finished product. It stands about 6 feet tall.

Now, for some photos of the lovely kittens enjoying their new palace.

Queen of the Castle, indeed.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cat treeeee”

Tansy intensely enjoys the tree.

The mice have lasted a surprisingly long time. Resilient, furry little things… aren’t the faces adorable?

“Do you like your new tree, Merlin?”

“Yes I do, Mom, very much!”

Well, I think the tree is possibly better than anything we could have made ourselves.

I’d say we’re all happy with it!


Enter: Tansy the Tabby

Tansy has come home! And WOW, what an amazing kitty she is.

Her foster mom obviously loved her, and parting with her seemed a little tough.

In the car, she meowed maybe 5 times… we were so proud of how well she took the trip!

She even stuck her head and shoulders out in wonder. Then quickly ducked back to safety! When we got home, Tansy crept rather boldly from her carrier. She instantly roamed the place and sniffed everything. Then, after a brief span of hiding under the bed, it became… PLAY TIME!! And by play time, I mean, “shoot we need more toys” time.

If Merlin doesn’t come soon, Tansy may turn into the Destroyer of Curtains. I do have to say, it looks like our Feliway diffuser is working. She’s already warming up to Ian.

We’ve absolutely fallen in love already… I hope you do, too.