The Cat Palace

The kitties get a long-awaited cat tree!

It wasn’t even built and already it’s getting good reviews.

And yes, as you may have noticed, it is a BLUE cat tree. Blue!! It matches our decor! Not the standard beige. I’m not sure who’s happier, the cats or me.

The finished product. It stands about 6 feet tall.

Now, for some photos of the lovely kittens enjoying their new palace.

Queen of the Castle, indeed.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cat treeeee”

Tansy intensely enjoys the tree.

The mice have lasted a surprisingly long time. Resilient, furry little things… aren’t the faces adorable?

“Do you like your new tree, Merlin?”

“Yes I do, Mom, very much!”

Well, I think the tree is possibly better than anything we could have made ourselves.

I’d say we’re all happy with it!


Enter: Merlin the Goblin (ahem I mean Sphynx)

Merlin came home to us last night!! My wonderful sister looked after him for hours while I was stuck at work. He got to play with his brother (Anni’s new little one) while waiting.

He is SO CUTE! So handsome and wrinkly and perfect in every way. I could not be happier with the little miscreant.

It took him and Tansy all of 10 minutes to get used to each other. I’ve been a little nervous, watching them play fight. Merlin will jump Tansy, run and away, and get tackled from behind. Then Tansy, aka The Scrapper, pins him under her and shows him whose boss.

In all fairness, Tansy is bigger, and she was here first! Merlin has a few small scratches, but according to the vet, that’s just part of growing up. So I will try not to worry.

Their first vet trip this morning went very well! Lots of pitiful mewling during the 6 minute car ride. “We’re doing this for your own good,” definitely fell on deaf ears.

Tansy is healthy: her weight is perfect, her coat is soft and shiny, and her teeth are growing in on time. The vet was impressed that we were able to find a female Orange Tabby to adopt (they’re very rare).

And Merlin, of course, was an instant hit. He cuddled with the vet. He cuddled with the secretary. And he cuddled with all the vet techs in the back. Such a player. I’m pretty sure his photo is going up on the wall, they were that impressed with him. He’s also healthy, but he did need a shot. He meowed once in surprise, then went right back to playing.

It’s been a crazy Friday/Saturday, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re loving our new cat babies and taking care to spoil them has been so fun. Welcome to the Brech family, little ones!

Week 9 Photos

You guessed it! Our awesome breeder Melissa keeps sending pics our way!

I've been looking at these pics all day. Even at work. I honestly think it's good for my health. Lowers my heart rate.

I mean look at this guy!! He's growing so much! My guess is he'll be a big one… look at that long snout. It's only been a week since the last photos!


Oh my goodness, that belly!! He's going to be a little chubbers. I love it.

I love his striking aqua eyes.

And his mysterious skin color (what is it? Lilac? Lilac point? Sepia?) is so handsome. I can just imagine the velvety feel of those wrinkles.

Even my non-sphynx-loving-coworkers couldn't say a bad thing about him. Possibly due to the fact I was cooing over him and possibly getting teary-eyed. Whatever works. DON'T SAY MY BABY IS UGLY I WONT BELIEVE YOU.

In other news, our official Gotcha Day has been scheduled for September 22! So we still have about 2 months to go. That's ok. More time to get our ducks on a row before Merlin and Friend come home. But…it's getting harder to wait!!

8 Weeks… and Growing

It's time for more Merlin pics!

He'll be 8 weeks old at the end of the month. Our breeder has been graciously providing us with more photos!

Look at that tummy!! We're guessing our lil' wizard is going to be a pretty big guy. He certainly seems to have an appetite.

Aw look at those eyes! And those EARS! It'll be fun to watch him (kind of) grow into them.

We can't believe how fast Merlin is growing, but every week we grow more ready to bring him home.

We’ve picked our kitten!!!

Hi guys! FINALLY, the day has come; we got to pick out our little naked kitten last night!! 

There were two boys and two girls. All of them were so adorable, it was insanely tough to choose.

But eventually my husband and I narrowed it down to a boy, and then got to pick between a seal mink colored one or a lilac/chocolate one. Melissa (the awesome breeder) says it’s hard to tell colors with these “thermal” kittens, meaning that their color may/probably will change as they grow older. 

The decision basically just came down to me simply choosing, as neither Ian nor I truly care about color. 

Say Hello to mister Merlin, everyone!! 

OOO that face!! The wrinkles!!
Showing off all his best angles.

His take-home day (formally known as “gotcha day”) will be sometime in September, after he’s had plenty of time with his mom and siblings. He’s going to be insanely loved and spoiled. I’ve already started planning the sweaters we’ll buy him… stay tuned for that post next!